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The HEI Air Quality Database, prepared and maintained by Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) Inc, focuses on levels of PM2.5 components and gaseous pollutants at and near sites in the EPA's PM2.5 Chemical Speciation Trends Network (STN) and State, Local and Tribal air monitoring stations (SLAMS). The Database was originally made available in association with HEI's Request for Applications 05-1, Studies to Compare Components and Characteristics of Particulate Matter Associated with Health Effects, which was issued in the summer of 2005. The Database is now available to investigators interested in using the information for studies on air quality and health. Currently, the Database contains information on speciated PM components and gaseous pollutants at these sites for the years 2000-2011.

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Questions about information in the Database should be addressed to Matt Alvarado at AER (Matt Alvarado).

Questions about RFA 05-1 should be addressed to Dr. Geoffrey Sunshine at HEI (